Legal resources Foundation Trust- Kenya

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: P.O. Box 34720
00100 Nairobi Kenya
Country: Kenya
Region: Eastern Africa
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Other languages:
  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Training
  • Sustainable Livelihood / Alternative Development
  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal Assistance
Short description:
Our Vision
"A just and equitable society”.

This is a society that respects and upholds human rights, ensures justice and equity for all especially the poor, vulnerable and excluded members of society either as individuals or groups.

Our Mission

Inspired by the vision, the mission of LRF is to be a;

"Resource for justice for the poor, vulnerable and marginalized through participatory interventions and mutual partnerships”

Our Core values

Our day to day operations are inspired by the belief on basic human rights principles and guided by the following Core values embedded in the organizational culture.


Exercising fairness in all relationships and processes
Providing equal opportunities irrespective of differences in color, race, gender, age, political opinion, social, economic, health status, mental or health abilities, etc.
Exercising affirmative action in favor of both wo/men
Zero tolerance to corruption and sexual harassment
Honesty in the use and management of both human and material resources
Quality delivery on mutually agreed promises and obligations
Full disclosure and surrender of gifts received during the course of work to LRF
Solidarity with the Poor and Excluded
Respecting, valuing and protecting the dignity and integrity of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized
Understanding poverty as a violation of basic human rights

Providing leadership and ownership of LRF’s corporate identity
Taking responsibility for agreed actions within the agreed time
Celebrating and recognizing individual and collective victories
Consistency in communicating and implementing the organizations values, principles, policies and procedures
Providing, building and maintaining open, honest, direct and feedback channels of both formal and informal communication and interaction
Building on and being tolerant to diverse views and opinions
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