Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN)

ECOSOC Status: General Consultative
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: Svitrigailos St. 11B, Vilnius 03228,
Country: Lithuania
Region: Europe
UN Languages: English, Russian
Other languages:

    Other:'human rights'
Short description:
-The Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) is a regional network with a mission to promote humane, evidence-based harm reduction approaches to drug use, with the aim of improving health and protecting human rights at the individual, community, and societal level.
-Specifically during 2010-2014, EHRN will seek to help implement non-discriminating policies for drug users and other vulnerable people in the EHRN territory, and to improve and expand the use of evidence-based interventions and services that target them.
-During this time-frame, its goals are: to actively involve civil society and drug users in drug policy-making, to base drug policy and related legislation on humane principles and a public health approach, to make accessible to those in need all types of harm reduction services (especially opioid substitution treatment, overdose prevention, and the prevention of infectious diseases related to drug use), to formalize and achieve recognition for the training of workers involved in harm reduction, to use national sources to fund harm reduction services, to make sure that the extent and focus of EHRN activities are appropriate to the structure and competencies of Secretariat staff and vice versa, to enhance EHRN’s long-term financial sustainability, and to expand EHRN and involve its members more actively in its activities.
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