Childrens Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA)

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
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P. O. Box 1738

Pallatet e Shallvareve
Vila mbrapa fushave te tenisit
Country: Albania
Region: Europe
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Short description:
The strategy for action of the Children's Human Rights Centre of Albania is based on the improvement and rise of children's rights in Albania through implementing fully in practice the national laws for the protection of children and their rights. Also it is important the implementation of international standards for children's rights.
Members of CRCA are young and well-known lawyers, physicians, journalists, sociologists specialised on childrens rights and issues.
a) The assistance and pushing of governmental institutions for the appliance of existing laws, which protect childrens rights.
b) The implementation of new standards and laws for the protection and improvement of children's rights in Albania.
c) Open and effective information for the situation of children's rights in Albania to the governmental bodies, NGOs, children, mass media and all interested.
d) The training of parliamentarians, judges of different levels, NGO members, teachers, journalists, police and prisons officers. This will improve their level of awareness and action for the respect and the protection of childrens rights.
a) The rise of the volume of the rights that children have in Albania, this depending to the social, political, economical evolution of the country and the changes to the mentality of the society.
b) Protection of children's rights through the professional and qualified legal assistance offered to children in need and without income
c) The involvement of the local communities in the case of the protection of children's rights;
d) The education of children's rights in primary, secondary and high schools, contributing so for the acknowledgement of the rights from children.
e) On going training of parliamentarians, judges, NGO members, journalists, teachers, police and prisons workers on the issues of respect and protection of children's rights.
f) Increasing child participation in public institutions and other places where are decided the policies for children and their rights.
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