International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW)

ECOSOC Status: Special Consultative
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: 5655 Silver Creek Valley Road
(suite 480)
San Jose. CA 95138
Country: United States of America
Region: Northern America
UN Languages:
Other languages:
  • HIV/Aids
  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Anti-Human Trafficking

  • Other:'racism, antisemitism, gender equality, domestic violence, health'
Short description:
Established in 1912, the International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) represents 52 womens organizations in 47 countries around the world working for social justice and welfare for all races and creeds. ICJW provides a voice for Jewish women around the world and a platform for the issues that concern us, our families and our communities.
Among the global issues that we champion are:
-Campaigning for equality
-Promoting feminine leadership
-Boosting self-esteem among young women
-Opposing domestic violence
-Halting human trafficking
-Encouraging interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue
-Fighting anti-Semitism and racism
-Freedom for Agunot (Jewish women awaiting religious divorce)
-Awareness of health and environmental issues
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