African Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF)

ECOSOC Status: Special Consultative
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: 12, Samota Falola street,
Off Fadeyi street,
By Obafemi Awolowo way,
P.O. Box 2331 Ikeja
Country: Nigeria
Region: Western Africa
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Other languages:
  • Prevention
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Victim Protection
Short description:
ACDF is an acronym for African Citizens Development Foundation. It is a private initiative to curb and if possible eradicate the tragedic effects of indiscipline in African society which include: lawlessness, corruption, poverty, violence, strife, greed, avarice and other negative social forces.

The ACDF mission is to sensitize African Citizens to the importance of virtues and integrity in development, awaken them towards becoming disciplined and conscious of their own responsibilities in order to preserve their fundamental human rights. This is towards making a new continent through education and economic empowerment; with a view to eradicate corruption and poverty from the continent.

The objectives of the Foundation are:
- To promote affordable and accessible qualitative education for African children irrespective of social class.
- To raise awareness of the cultural differentials within nations for recognition of strengths and weaknesses lying within races. A knowledge that will promote adequate attention to facilitate understanding and development.
- To foster rural growth and development.
- To promote agricultural development and sustainable food security
- To develop common ties among the citizenry and promote trust and national unity.
- To increase innovations and economic progress.
- To inculcate human virtues and integrity in African citizens.
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