The House for Women Saalaa

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: The House for Women Saalaa
P.O. Box 13
Aoba Post Office
Yokohama City 225-8691
Country: Japan (use new code JPN)
UN Languages:
Other languages:
  • Counselling
  • Victim Protection
  • Anti-Human Trafficking
  • Legal Assistance
Short description:
Accept consultation over the phone (esp. victims of domestic violence), assist if Temporary Protection is needed (provide temporary place to stay), support and guide in preparation for independence (can assist also in taking legal action).
Saalaa through its shelter aims to give assistance and support by providing for a temporary place to stay for foreign women in crisis, who fall prey to trafficking, or are victims of domestic violence and who may not be guaranteed their full basic human rights in the Japanese society.
Saalaa also aims to find solutions for problems faced by these women which maybe directly or indirectly caused by structural problems in the Japanese society. One way of doing this is by giving voice to these women on issues that has long been treated as being not of the concern of the Japanese society. It is our aim to raise public consciousness and awareness on issues and problems faced by these women. With help, support and assistance from domestic and international partners, we envision a society where there will be no need for a crisis shelter for women and their children.
We conduct regular study groups and meetings, seminar series on various issues and concerns that affect foreign women and their children. Saalaa also publishes a bimonthly newsletter Saalaa Tsushin, with articles expounding on relevant issues. We are also part of a network of groups and individuals both local and international who give assistance and support to women and children. We have a separate hotline service from Monday to Saturday

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