Quaker Peace Centre

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: 3 Rye Road,
Mowbray 7700,
Cape Town,
South Africa
Country: South Africa
Region: Central and Southern Africa
Website: http://www.quaker.org/capetown/index2.htm
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  • Anti-Human Trafficking
Short description:
Our mission is to build a non-violent society where
· diversity is celebrated,
· the energies of conflict are turned into a positive transforming power and
· where the democratic rights of every individual are respected, protected and pursued.


The Quaker Peace Centre is motivated by our vision of a just South African society in which:

diversity and cultural differences are acknowledged as integral parts of our rich heritage and God-given gift
mutual tolerance and respect for opposing views, divergent needs and human rights serve to strengthen grassroots democratic solidarity and freedom in our country
non-violent, peaceful models of problem solving and conflict resolution are used effectively by political leaders, officials and community groups.


The programmes, projects and processes of QPC are based amongst other things on the following core values:

Co-operation and recognizing that of God in everyone
Everyone has the right to have their inherent dignity respected and protected
Integrity and speaking the truth to those in power
Restorative justice and healing relationships
Opposition to all forms of unfair discrimination
Non-violence and living so as to take away the causes of war
Cost-effectiveness and commitment to sustainable development
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