Ibn Sino (Avicenna) International Foundation

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: Parkentskaya Street 51- A,
Country: Uzbekistan
Region: Central and Western Asia
UN Languages: Russian, English
Other languages:
  • HIV/Aids
  • Counselling
  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Training

  • Other:'Health'
Short description:
The Foundation’s main goals and scope of activity are:
- to study the scientific, spiritual and medical heritage of the scientists; to develop a scientific school and encourage and coordinate activities of researches in the field;
- to develop programs on studying the great heritage of the scientist;
- to advocate the healthy life style on the basis of the great scientist’s books; to develop permanent programs for TV and radio; to publish regularly the international scientific and practical journal “Ibn Sino – Avicenna”;
- to found a museum of the great scientists;
- to set up medical and social charity organizations including Gerontologic (Geriatric) Centers for elderly people; Consultative Centers “Children Upbringing”. “Prevention of drug addiction and HIV/AIDS”, Centers for oriental (folk) medicine and healthy life style;
- to hold annual “International Avicenna Readings” in Bukhara, the motherland of the great scientist, in order to popularize his scientific and spiritual heritage;
- To develop international cooperation, including UNESCO, to study and popularize the great scientific heritage and attract foreign investments and grants;
- To set up branches of the Foundation in all the areas of Uzbekistan and abroad.
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