Congress 60

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: 3/1 Bahar-e-Shiraz at the end of South Sohrevardi Ave.

No 5, Beginning of Sohrevardi Jonoubi, Bahar Shiraz Street, Hafte Tir Square
Country: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Region: Middle East and Northern Africa
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  • Counselling
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Research
  • Drug Treatment
Short description:
Congress 60 establishes for addict person who want to be health and they don't find a logical way.
This congress works in basis, help an addict person who is free now to addict person who use drug now.
Our basis is: love, wisdom, Belief.
In our section each congressman speak about their experience round addiction and abstain of any advice.
We aren't dependent to any group and we are independent in financial.
We able to have sponsors and this sponsors able to have affective role.

Rules and Regulations of the Congress 60:

Straight route has no leader, as its leader is Allah, The Congress 60 is an independent research organization which is continuing its way with assistance of super nature powers and ultimate God.
- To join the Congress 60, one should be willing to beat his/her habit of addiction and accepts all the rules and regulations of the centre.
- The main goal of the Congress 60 is to carry out academic useful researches to learn more about the human nature and the narcotic drugs showing ways to drug addicts and their families to overcome their dependency on drugs.
- The policy of this centre is based on teaching, prevention, control and treatment of addiction to drugs and in particular the attraction of drugs.
- We respect all other similar organisations and are willing to exchange ideas if necessary.
- The congress 60 is run by the addicts (travellers) and their families (co-travellers).
- At Congress 60 the addicts who are in the process of treatment are being referred to as travellers. This is because we believe that this process is like a journey.
- The co-travellers is referred to people who do not have the history of addiction themselves but they are contributing and helping the Congress 60 to reach its goals.
- The highest rank of decision makers consist of 14 members who have all the responsibilities. In the absence of such group the Guardian of Congress 60 has got the full responsibility.
- Congress 60 has no position toward subject out of its main goals and framework.
- All Congress 60’s financials resources are based on the financial support of the members and sponsors.
- Each group must independently follow the policies and regulations ruled by 14 member congress.
- Spiritual growth of Congress 60 is based on respecting the rules and regulations as well as predecessors.
- The Congress 60 continues with its inner and outer growth movement.
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