Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (CHA)

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: House# 2, 3, & 4, End of 5th Street of Silo, Near Sangkasha Masque,
Country: Afghanistan
Region: Southern and Eastern Asia
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    Other:'Human rights.'
Short description:
CHA is a proactive player and a strong advocate in the rehabilitation, reconstruction and sustainable social and economic development of Afghanistan and in the promotion and strengthening of Afghan civil society as an active and vibrant force and partner in this process.
To achieve its objective, CHA has the following main goals:
- Assisting the poorest members of the communities and disabled persons by utilizing locally available natural and humanitarian resources with the communities through introduction of appropriate technology, and poverty alleviation through sustainable economic growth. CHA will regard equity as one of its top priorities, i.e. working against discrimination of members of the communities based on sex, ethnic, religious, linguistic and tribal differences.
- CHA is committed to encourage active participation of women in the social and economic lives of the society through targeted education and training facilities and establishment of specific activities. This is part of CHA's goal in its involvement in matters concerning social justice through raising social awareness, while preserving those social values which are of importance to the process of rebuilding the war torn communities of Afghanistan.
- Traditional and historic art and craft have been part of the social values in Afghanistan and they will be revived and preserved as positive elements of the past, and as guides for the future generations.
- In order to achieve its goals in a sustainable fashion, CHA utilizes qualified and trained expertise available locally as part of its efforts in using local human resources, thus preventing further loss of national experts through migration.
- CHA coordinates its activities with other like-minded organizations and institutions in order to facilitate the exchange of information and experience within the areas of its activities and nationwide.
- CHA seeks financial and professional assistance from individual supporters, institutions and governments to realize its objective, while safeguarding its sovereignty and independence. CHA is accountable to its partners and communities through periodic and annual progress and by financial reports and regular evaluation of its activities.
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