Masianday Peace Foundation

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: 3,Brown Street Banjulthe Gambia West Africa, 2202 Banjul
Country: Senegal
Region: Western Africa
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Short description:
Masianday Peace Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in 1996, with the firm commitment to help initiate, promote and encourage the process of peace building, community reconciliation and human development through awareness-building and local self-help efforts. These include leadership training, greater participation of women in decision-making and in community development activities, emphasising the importance of ecology and the use of appropriate technology in conserving and preserving the environment. We strive to help create a socio economic environment conducive to the promotion of peace, the well-being of rural communities and total human development. On the other hand, we also offer quality products and services to our costumers in our bid to develop and promote the African culture through arts, Crafts, artefacts, carvings, cuisines,african embroidered clothings field for the benefit of our culture and tradition.
Masianday Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation, Non-religious, Non-Political organisation registered with the respective Sierra Leone,Guinea and Gambia Governments.
To identify and / or encourage the establishment of appropriate community groups in order to promote institution and capacity building, necessary for community participation in the identification and implementation of development and in the political process of their country; skills building and civic educational awareness.
1.To implement and participate in relief, rehabilitation, resettlement and development programmes with particular reference to emergency situations and areas of economic needs. 2.To promote food security, income generation and skills development among returnees, refugees and the local population. 3.To promote social integration, trauma healing , conflict resolution and reconciliation at family, village and community levels.

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