Fundación Manantiales

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: Avenida Entre Ríos 831 Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Region: Latin America
UN Languages: Spanish, English
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Short description:
Fundación Manantiales (Manantiales Foundation) is an entity for international public welfare with the main houses in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay dedicated to the investigation, prevention and assistance in addictions. Its prestige in the health area has to do with the constant international training of the staff and their professionalism.
At present, 280 people from the different centers are under treatment with a 94% of effectiveness in their recuperation. It is a member of WFTC (World Federation of Therapeutic Communities), It is a member also of the FLCT (Argentine Federation of Therapeutic Communities).

There are nine centers in the above-mentioned countries, devoted to prevention and treatment. By now, it has offered more than 850 conferences, workshops and prevention programs in 342 sportive and educative establishments of primary, secondary and university levels.

It has been the organizer in Argentina and Uruguay of the international prevention campaign "Winners don't use drugs" and "I feel good without drugs" in which many important figures of the political, artistic and business areas joined against the addictions. Manantiales Foundation created INFODROGA and INFOANOREXIA, which are telephone information services, 24 hours a day and totally free for all the community. These services have had outcome in the more developed countries and are installed in Buenos Aires and Montevideo (Uruguay).

In the year 1998 in Montevideo, Uruguay, Manantiales Foundation was awarded with the ?Oriental Merit Prize? for the social work done in prevention and assistance of addictions, given by the vice president of the country, Dr. Hugo Batalla. In the same year there was an agreement with the United Nations to send a program for prevention in Argentina and Uruguay.

It gave a lecture in the request of ADEPA (Argentine Journalistic Entities Association) for all the argentine reporters about "The role of the mass media in the prevention of addictions".
Manantiales Foundation is the only institution in Argentina and Uruguay, which has recently subscribed an agreement with UNDCP (United Nations Program for the Control of Drugs) and SESI (Social Service for Industries) from Brazil for the implementation of an international prevention program. This program is directed to institutions, communities and companies. The main objective is to give moral awareness about this problem, trying to find better and healthier choices for life, by the participation and protagonism.

Manantiales Foundation is subscribed and counts with the necessary authorizations given by SEDRONAR , ANSSAL, Health Ministry and the Municipality in order to give services such as: ambulatory treatment, day hospital, therapeutic community and reinsertion into society, to more than 20 social security services.

Manantiales Foundation organized the first "National Congress on Alimentary Pathologies" in Junín, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Manantiales Foundation having organized previously two international congresses,
organized another worldwide congress: "New boundaries in the prevention and treatment of drug abuse in the XXI century", which took place in December 1 and 2, 1999 in Montevideo city, Uruguay. The commitment was to let the participants get in touch with other experiences of very well known universities, investigation centers and international organisms that work in the subject. Many prestigious experts from EEUU, Canada, European Union; Asia and Latin America exposed, representing different currents in the prevention and treatment of the drug dependence
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