Instituto de Defensa Legal (ILD)

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: Calle Alberto Alexander 2694
Lince, Lima
Country: Peru
Region: Latin America
UN Languages: Spanish, English
Other languages:
  • Anti-Corruption
Short description:
The IDL has worked to promote and protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Peru for the past 26 years. It is a member of the National Human Rights Coordination Office, and now conform the Work Group Against the Corruption. It has extensive experience in justice reform, respect for freedom of the press, transparency in the public administration and the fight against corruption, as well as in the implementation of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR). The organization has solid work and partnership networks to implement activities of national impact and that generate local installed capacities at the end of its interventions. In partnership with other organizations, the IDL launched transparency and citizen participation campaigns that produced concrete results. The IDL has contributed to reporting cases of corruption and monitored government efforts to investigate and punish serious cases in different areas of government.
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