Instituto Sou da Paz

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: Rua Luis Murat 260, São Paulo SP 05436050
Country: Brazil
Region: Latin America
UN Languages: English, French, Spanish
Other languages: Portuguese
  • Counselling
  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Training
  • Criminal Justice

  • Other:'Human Rights, Rule of Law, Youth'
Short description:
The aim of Sou da Paz is to exert influence on the actions of the public power and the Brazilian society at large regarding the issue of violence. For this purpose, the institute focuses its work on four broad areas: Adolescence and Youth, Weapons Control, Local management of Public Safety and the Police. The work in these four areas is integrated.
• It has helped create the Disarmament Statutes – one of the most modern pieces of legislation for the control of firearms in the world – and it works in a network with all of the organizations in Brazil with the aim of monitoring the implementation of such measures;
• It is an important member of the international campaign Control Arms whose objective is the construction of an International Treaty for the Control of the Trading of Firearms , one that will set forth clear rules for the transfer of weapons and ammunition between countries;
• In the field of Youth, it has developed an innovative methodology for the creation, strengthening and integration of youth associations in over 50 public schools of São Paulo; it has contributed to reducing the violence indicators in Jardim Angela, a district in the Southern area of São Paulo, gearing most of its work to this problematic area for a five-year period and working strongly towards articulating the public power and more than 100 local entities; it fostered and through its projects motivated entrepreneurship among a great number of young people who began their own initiatives, reaching youngsters who began to believe in new possibilities and alternatives and outlooks.
• The Institute developed a pilot project for the management of public security in the municipal sphere - the São Paulo at Peace – that came into existence through a partnership with the São Paulo City Hall. This project was carried out in three areas of the city of São Paulo.
• Finally, in their work with the police, the Sou da Paz Institute developed a project called Citizen Police Award, with the aim of identifying and publicly awarding actions carried out by the police, actions which have resolved problems in the areas where they work with the public at large, in intelligence, policing geared to a specific problem, investigations and youth and conflict mediation. The three editions of this project have already awarded more than 150 members of the police in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. Sou da Paz will expand this methodology to other states – among which is Rio de Janeiro – and also disseminate good practices for the police for the entire country.
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