Charity fund «Insight»

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: Postal address:
Vernigory str., 27
Country: Ukraine
Region: Europe
Website: http://www.
UN Languages: Russian
Other languages: ukrainian
  • HIV/Aids
  • Counselling
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Research
  • Training
  • Drug Treatment
  • Legal Assistance

  • Other:'Human Rights, Rule of Law, Health, social work, penitentiary system'
Short description:
Mission of organizations: public health support, formation of physical social and spiritual health, preventive maintenance of the negative phenomenons and social-dangerous diseases among populations.
Achievements: organization has work experience in sphere of prevention of drug addictions and HIV/AIDS since 2000. Confidential relations are installed for the whole period of the work with target group - drug consumers, their relatives, women sex industries, also information-preventive work amongst convicted since 2002 is conducted (work in 4 colonies and investigation insulator). There is work experience with difficult teenagers and those, who are in investigation insulator. The main purpose of the work is to warn spreading HIV/AIDS among vulnerable groups, forming safe and sound lifestyle, granting help on rehabilitation and social adaptation. Also integration in society for convicted is held, preparation to liberation, prevention of their relapse to criminality.
Organization statistics: drug addicts – 3 245, women of sex industry – 480, work with convicted in Cherkassy region – 1800 persons. Also work relations with authorities, medicine, militia and Management on questions of the execution of penalties in Cherkassy region were conducted. Collaboration with public organizations devoted to HIV/AIDS prevention service in the region and the whole country. We also cooperate with youth organizations aimed on improvement of quality of service of our target groups. Work on reduction of stigma and discrimination of drug addicts, people with HIV/AIDS, former convicted by medical personnel and militias is convicted.
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