Lembaga Titian

ECOSOC Status: Roster
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: Jl. Sungai Raya Dalam Kompl.
Sejahtera I No. 7-8B,
Country: Indonesia
Region: Southern and Eastern Asia
Website: http://www.titian.or.id
UN Languages: English
Other languages: Bahasa
  • Prevention
  • Research
  • Training
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Sustainable Livelihood / Alternative Development

  • Other:'Rule of Law, Governance'
Short description:
Lembaga Titian encourages fair and sustainable natural resource management that considering and involving multi stakeholder’s participation through conducting biological research, development and information dissemination to raise community awareness and empowerment. Since. Since its establishment, Titian had actively conducted advocacy on the national conservation law and regulation, monitoring policy implementation and conducting research and or investigation on the environmental related crimes.
In 2003, Titian has successfully facilitated a consortium of anti-illegal logging and this organization effectively assisted indonesian government in curbing illegal logging and its associated illegal timber trade. In 2004 to 2005, Titian closely cooperated with EU Illegal Logging Response Center in term to combating illegal logging issue in West Kalimantan region. Besides illegal logging issue, Titian also actively involved in anti wildlife crime issue such as hunting, trade and illegal keeping of protected species.
Other offices: