Iranian Life quality Improvement Association (ILIA)

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: Emadavar Street, Shahid Avini Highway,
Shahr Rey,
Country: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Region: Middle East and Northern Africa
Website: http://www.iliacharity
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  • Education
  • Prevention

  • Other:'Human Rights, Health and migration'
Short description:
ILIA Association is a non profit manking organization, which focuces mainly on improving the lives of more than 400 underpriveledged children. They assist street and labour children in karaj and Shahr e Rey district through medical care, life skills training as well as giving themday nutricious food. It also aim to prevent children from present harms of the society such as drug use. ILIA engage the street and labour children by designing daily activities and schedule to keep them off the street. Theyorganization also offer conselling services to street children on how to construct a brighter future for themselves.
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