Mor Çatı Kadın Sığınağı Vakfı/Purple Roof Women's Shelter Foundation

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: Katip Mustafa Celebi Mah. Anadolu Sk. No:23 D: 7/8 Beyoglu/Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Region: Central and Western Asia
UN Languages: English
Other languages: Turkish
  • Counselling
  • Training
  • Victim Protection
  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal Assistance

  • Other:'Rule of Law'
Short description:
Practice of the Consultation Centre: Since 1990, Mor Çatı volunteers and the women who come to the centre because they have experienced domestic violence have worked together to develop change with society. The consultation centre of Mor Cati receives ten applications on avarage via telephone or face to face per day.
At the beginning of the process Mor Cati conducts a telephone interview with the women who apply tot he organazition. Afterwards in the dace-to-face intersviews, Mor Cati goes through the options that are available together and emphasizes the fact that she is not responsible for the violence that she is experiencing. Mor Cati believes that women are capable of making the right decisions for themselves and their children. Male violence is a threat to all society, so an interviewer can understand and support another women`s experience of violence. Attending workshops and ongoing trainning is an essential part of being a volunteer at Mor Cati.

Shelters: Mor Çatı has carried out three different shelter projects in Istanbul. The first of them was implemented between the years of 1995-1998. This shelter provided protection for 350 women and 250 children. In October 2005, Beyoğlu Administrative District asked Mor Çatı to run the new shelter that they were going to build with a loan from the World Bank. The co-operation of “a shelter run by a women’s organization and economically supported by a governmental department” was a good example of local governmental support and was instigated by the Prime Ministry Circular (No.2006/17). This project lasted three years with the support of volunteer social workers, psychologist, psychiatrists, lawyers and administrators. In December 2008, Beyoglu Administrative District ended the project, stating lack of resources as a reason.
Because of the decision women`s organizations went to the Assembly in Ankara to urge Members of Parliament and ministers to force local municipalities and the law courts to implement the law. Since March 2009, Mor Cati continues to run an independent shelter project with the backing of Sisli Municipality, the European Commission Delegation of Turkey and with the help of friends, supporters and volunteers of Mor Cati.

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