PULSE Foundation

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: 1, Radomir street, Pernik 2300
Country: Bulgaria
Region: Europe
Website: http://www.pulsefoundation.org
UN Languages: English, French, Russian
Other languages:
  • HIV/Aids
  • Counselling
  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Training
  • Drug Treatment
  • Victim Protection
  • Anti-Human Trafficking
  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal Assistance

  • Other:'Human Rights, Health, Youth programs'
Short description:
Pulse Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO founded in 1999. It is one of the founders of the Bulgarian Alliance for Protection against Domestic Violence, a national network of women's organizations, formed for the purposes of legislative reform, impact on the government and social discourses, and promotion of best practices in the field of protection of victims of violence. In 2009, Pulse was awarded with the Bremen Peace Award of the Threshold Foundation, Germany in the category 'Exemplary organization" for its activities in the field of protection of Bulgarian victims of trafficking. Since 2011 Pulse is a licensed provider of social services (Crisis Centre for protection of victims and violence and trafficking of human beings). The Crisis Centre has a capacity of 12 beds; 8 beds are covered by the state delegated budget, the other 4 beds are financed by projects of other donors).

1. To build healthy, violence-free, gender-balanced relation in the Bulgarian family and society
2. To foster an attitude of zero-tolerance, and respect for personal dignity and suffering
3. To create accessible community services, tailored to user's needs
4. To enhance professionalism and standards in the field of social care and legal protection

1. Promotion of the gender equality mainstream in Bulgaria
2. Promotion of Human Rights, and
3. Elimination of domestic violence and all forms of violence against women and children.
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