Focal Integrity Team- Cameroon (FITCAM)

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: Fako Ship Plaza Suite 07 Entrance B
South West Region
P.O.Box 206 Buea
Country: Cameroon
Region: Central and Southern Africa
UN Languages: English, French
Other languages:
  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Research
  • Training
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Sustainable Livelihood / Alternative Development

  • Other:'Arms control, rule of law, governance'
Short description:
The mission is to have, in developing countries, a public sector that is transparent, inclusive, participatory and citizen centered, which is constantly cognizant of, responsive to and answerable for the needs and aspirations of the ordinary people. Changing the culture of communities, so as to make corruption unacceptable, influencing those seeking public office to exercise good governance and educating the people in participating and maintaining public accountability. Among other equally cherished standards, FITCAM builds, upholds and safeguards the values of integrity, transparency, humility, honesty and impartiality in public administration. The organization’s achievements include but are not limited to: Monitoring and exposing Corruption in public contracts in rural Cameroon funded under the Public Investment Budget; Strenthening internal capacity of state universities in Cameron to track and curb corruption, Monitoring and reducing the use of small arms in secondary schools and universities,conducting integerity and ethics training for public officials; establishment of an anit-corruption diploma course in Cameroon; development and design of codes of conduct for School Management Boards and Parent Teacher Associations in Cameroon, Invesitigation and documentation of corrupt ptactices in state universities in Cameroon; membership in the national anti-corruption commission in Cameroon’s coalition against corruption; mentoring of anti-corruption CSOs in Cameroon, development of corruption risk assessment and management tools for small and medium size corporations, development of corruption monitoring, public service efficiency and elections forms used by government agencies and civil society organizations to monitor corruption in organization and public institutions.Contribution of data and evidence used in sanctioning corruption officials in the public service in Cameroon.
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