Magtumguly Youth Union of Turkmenistan

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: 744000, Magtymguly
Shayoly 94
Country: Turkmenistan
Region: Central and Western Asia
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The existing statistical reporting and lack of the specialized sociological surveys on the problems of youth make it difficult to some extent to define the problems of youth in society and particularly in the family surrounding. Main problems are those, which are connected with the spiritual and moral education, healthy way of living and organization of the normal spare time, participation in economic activities, revival of national customs and traditions.

To prevent social disturbances connected with the spread among the young people of drugs consumption, the Union of Youth in co-operation with the Departments of Procurator, Police, Drug Clinic and the Ministry of Education staff in 1998 organized meetings with the young people from the universities, institutes and secondary schools. At those meetings, the problems of alcohol and drugs addiction and the consequences of these evils to the health were discussed. Alcohol and drugs addiction of the young people are not only problems of Turkmenistan but also of many countries of the world.
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