Public Organization Sudmand

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: Kh. Nazarov Str. 7
Country: Tajikistan
Region: Central and Western Asia
UN Languages: Russian
Other languages:
  • HIV/Aids
  • Counselling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Drug Treatment

  • Other:'Human rights'
Short description:
Implementation of socio-economic activities, including projects that reduce poverty and improve the mobilization activity of the population to address priority concerns.
Main activities:
From the moment of its registration (1.07.1999 in MOJ RT), the organization has implemented a number of projects aimed at improving the welfare of the population. However, since 2003, when the city of Kulob first identified HIV infection, and it became clear trend of its rapid growth, the organization began to work actively to improve the situation. It is important to note that over the past 10 years, the organization has become one of the leading HIV service organizations of Kulob region. For example, during this period we have implemented the following projects aimed at the prevention of HIV / AIDS and drug abuse among the population Kulob "Street Selection" (Accord Kazakhstan), "Youth Against AIDS» (Act Cehtrai Asia), «We are able to protect themselves AIDS »(CARHAP), the Bureau of social Support» (AFEW), «Together against AIDS» (UNDP-Global Fund), "Center for low-threshold service» (UNDP-Global Fund, AFEW),\ and «Friendly cabinet for the sexologists»(UNFPA).
Main achievements:
This organization helped to re-integrate former drug users, by giving them training on the issue of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS, in order to hire them as outreach workers for Sudmand. Having access to the target group of drug users, these former drug users who work for Sudmand are now providing services for drug users giving them disposable syringes, condoms, water for injection, as well as conductive preventive information work. Over the past 3 years, the number of covered representatives for drug users maintenance work has reached 120 to 550 people, representing 65% of the total covered by our preventive work of the Task Force.
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