Alliance for Rights-Oriented Drug Policies (AROD)

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: Stian Simonsen, Sportsveien 6,
Country: Norway
Region: Europe
UN Languages: English
Other languages:
  • Prevention
  • Victim Protection
  • Criminal Justice

  • Other:'Human rights, Rule of law'
Short description:
Mission: AROD exists for the purpose of having the relationship between drug prohibition and human rights law reviewed.
Main activities:
AROD publishes information that shows how Norway's drug policies violate human rights law.
AROD helps drug users understand how prohibition violates their catalog of rights, and how they, by claiming their rights, can effect change.
AROD informs public officials about this situation: (1) By showing them how current policies violate human rights law; (2) by making them aware of their duty to help AROD have the issue properly resolved; (3) AROD presents them with five questions that must be answered to the satisfaction of an independent, impartial, and competent tribunal if prohibition shall be allowed to continue; and (4) AROD asks them to ensure that the rights-oriented debate gets the attention it deserves at the UN General Assembly’s Special Session on Drugs in 2016.
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