International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights (INTERIGHTS)

ECOSOC Status: Special Consultative
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: 33 Islington High Street
London N1 9LH
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
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  • HIV/Aids
  • Education
  • Victim Protection
  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal Assistance
Short description:
It aims to enforce human rights through law, providing protection and redress, in particular regions and on issues of strategic focus; to strengthen human rights jurisprudence and mechanisms through the use of international and comparative law; and to empower legal partners and promote their effective use of law to protect human rights. It supports lawyers, judges, NGOs and victims on the ground by tailoring activities in response to the needs of each group and region. It works across the developing and developed world, with regional programmes in Africa, South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth, and cross-cutting thematic programmes focusing on equality, liberty and security and economic, social and cultural rights.
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