Environmental Development Action in the Third World (ENDA)

ECOSOC Status: General Consultative
Type: NGO working on Crime
Address: ENDA Tiers Monde
RĂ©sidence Phare Mamelles
BP 3370 Dakar
Country: Senegal
Region: Western Africa
Website: http://www.enda.sn
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Short description:
ENDA's primary aim is to figt poverty. In general, ENDA works to enhance the visibility and value, in practice as well as theory, of the knowledge and tools that exist in local development efforts. This consists of identifying and supporting community development initiatives, especially in terms of local organisations.
Other offices:
Region Countries Website Email
Middle East and Northern Africa Tunisia www.endarabe.org.tn info@endarabe.org.tn
Middle East and Northern Africa Morocco http://www.enda.org.ma endamaghreb@enda.org.ma
Europe France http://perso.wanadoo.fr/enda-delegation/ contact@enda-europe.org
Europe Belgium del.enda.bel@dvlp.ucl.ac.be
Eastern Africa Madagascar endaoi@simicro.mg
Western Africa Mali http:// www.enda.sn/endamalil enda-mali@cefib.com
Central America and the Caribbean Guadeloupe http://www.Funredes.org/endacaribe/ ecaribe@codetel.net.do
Central America and the Caribbean Dominican Republic http://www.Funredes.org/endacaribe/ enda.dom@codetel.net.do
Latin America Colombia endacol@andinet.com
Latin America Bolivia http://www.endabolivia.org/es/default.asp endabolivia.delegacion@entelnet.bo
Latin America Brazil http://www.endabrasil.org.br endabrasil@endabrasil.org.br
Southern and Eastern Asia India paragp@vsnl.com
Southern and Eastern Asia Viet Nam www.endavn.org.vn endavietnam@hcm.vnn.vn