Improving Donor Coordination in Nigeria

Automated Donor Assistance Mechanism-Nigeria, or ADAM-N, is an internet-based tool for coordinating technical assistance. The tool was designed and developed by UNODC to facilitate the sharing of essential project information in the areas of corruption, human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, and crime.

In connection with the introducing of ADAM-N in Nigeria, a three-day training on its use and administration was organized to UNODC's key partner organizations. The training, led by experts from UNODC's Vienna office, gathered representatives of Economical and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP), and National Planning Commission (NPC) to Abuja's United Nations House from March 22nd to 24th, 2010.

With the help of ADAM-N, the different of donors can better coordinate their activities. ADAM-N allows the sharing of secure information instantly between the partners, the refore helping to build the
assistance on common synergies while avoiding duplicated efforts and increasing transparency. Thus ADAM-N makes an important contribution to the efficiency of the assistance.

Besides building the parners' technical capacity to efficiently
implement ADAM-N in their respective organizations, the training created a space for the participants to exchange views and explore future steps relevant to improving the common coordination.

Ms. Dagmar Thomas, UNODC Country representative, welcomed warmly the introduction of this new technological solution: "I look forward to introducing this powerful tool in Nigeria and beyond.  In fact, I look forward to using this tool myself!"