Basketmouth prescribes ‘Love’ as Antidote for Corruption in Nigeria as animated movie ‘Corruption Wahala- An Everyday Tale’ Premieres

Leading Nigeria stand-up comedian, Bright Opocha, popularly known as Basketmouth joins national campaign against corruption” by proffering ‘love’ as a possible antidote.

The premiere of the short animated movie “Corruption Wahala- An Everyday Tale” has attracted a lot of discourse on the tackling the challenges of corruption in Nigeria

Basketmouth in a video message said “We have said so much about corruption. Even the animated film did a good job on that. I will be talking about love instead.”

The comedian made reference to the concept of love in religion and urged the public to walk the talk “Love your neighbor as you love yourself is written everywhere. And that is one thing we should practice.”

He further reiterated that the ‘stop corruption’ slogan over the years has never worked and therefore called on Nigerians to love one another. “Let’s try something else. Let’s try to love each other because if you love your neighbor the way you love yourself, you will never think about anything that will hurt that person.”

In a satirical jab at the state of corruption in Nigeria, Basketmouth highlighted tribalism as another key challenge the country face in curbing corruption and concluded by emphasizing “What should make us work together and live together as one unit should be love. And trust me, the narrative will change.”