The Nigerian Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) plays a significant role in ensuring efficient and integrity-based monitoring of the implementation of all Federal Government capital projects. Consequently, it is seeking a turnkey IT solution to automate its complex mandate. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime through its Information and Technology Service (ITS) is proposing a technical solution that is scalable to meet the current and foreseen future needs of BPP.  ITS is drawing here on its extensive experience in developing, deploying, managing and support turnkey IT solutions for more than 10 years in addition to its extensible resource pool that is available on a global scale.  Moreover, ITS is building on its success in delivering turnkey IT solutions and capacity building for the EFCC during the past four years and the expertise gained by forming a strong and large local team to propose a turnkey solution to BPP.


The mission will be difficult to achieve without a deployment of a Databank Management System to assist BPP to ensure strict compliance with openness, competition and cost accuracy rules and procedures that should guide contract award within the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The approach taken in the implementation pays special attention to the special environment requirements in terms of infrastructure availability in Nigeria, in general and in BPP in particular to ensure that the solution would cover all the needs of the organization.  Hence, it is divided into three deliverable areas, namely: ICT infrastructure, software systems and training.  In addition, the strategy for the delivery of the solution adopts a phased approach that ensures that the building up process will have continuous delivery of the three components in parallel.  Therefore, the buildup of the ICT infrastructure will be accompanied by deliverables in the areas of training and software systems.  This will ensure that by the time of the completion of the project, BPP would have fully realized the project goals without any obstruction to its current operations.  Moreover, it would ensure a certain degree of flexibility to fine tune the deliverables according to any unforeseen factors at the project design and initiation phase. The project execution will be spread over a three year period.




The purpose of the first phase was to design and deploy an ICT infrastructure and Data Centre at BPP. This has been evidently delivered and surpassed, with the inclusion of some overall project deliverables that should otherwise be in another phase.


The Quick Win strategy that was used in this phase has provided UNODC ITS with valuable insights into the workings on the ground, and consequently contributed to defining optimal solutions for the BPP project deliverables.

Details of work done in Phase I follow:

Wide Area Network (WAN) Services

  • Construction of a 5x5m concrete base and 8 oncrete pads for the assembly of a non-penetrating VSAT base.
  • Installation of a metal fence/gate to restrict movement within the VSAT outdoor equipment.
  • Installation of a 2.4m offset C-band antenna (Patriot antenna with 5W BUC).
  • Provision of earthing/thunder arrestor for the VSAT equipment.
  • Trunking of intermediate frequency (IF) cables from the VSAT outdoor equipment to the Data Centre.
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning of indoor equipment (iDirect Modem series 3100) with serial number 103596.
  • Provision of a 1kva Liebert UPS for the iDirect modem.
  • Re-location of fibre optic cable (FOC) link from the Protocol/Public Relations office to the Data Centre in collaboration with Galaxy Back Bone
  • Provision of internet services with the following bandwidth: 1024x512 kbps for VSAT link and upgrade of the FOC link from 128/256 kbps to 1mbps full duplex


Fire Alarm, Detection and Suppression System

Installation of a specially customized, robust fire alarm, detection and suppression system, known as FM200


Raised Floor/Suspended Ceiling (in Data Centre)

  • Installation of a raised floor consisting of 600 x 600 mm panels of about 450 mm pedestal above an existing solid concrete floor, covering the entire floor surface area of the Data Centre
  • Provision of 6 perforated raised floor panels to ensure adequate air flow under the raised floor
  • Installation of suspended ceilings of 600x600 mm panels was installed covering the entire top surface area of the Data Centre


Power Management

  • Power management for the Data Centre, Local Area Network (LAN), and entire Bureau
  • Coordination of 350KVA Generator tank fabrication, certification, installation and commissioning


Cabling and Network Monitoring

  • Test of BPP Local Area Network (LAN) and correction of cabling errors
  • Cabling and labeling of 5 Access Racks and 1 Panduit Distribution Rack at the Data Centre
  • Laying Cables for 2 Core Switches in the BPP Data Centre
  • Installation and Configuration of Network Monitoring tools
  • Installation and configuration of Web Server on Linux with FTP services for remote access


Lotus Notes Deployment

  • Installation, configuration and deployment of Lotus Domino Server
  • Installation, configuration and deployment of a virtual Lotus Domino Server for redundancy
  • Installation of Lotus Notes Clients  (for all users)
  • Installation, configuration and deployment of Webmail Server
  • Client support and provision of basic training on Mail use


Mail Security

  • Provision of Mail Security for BPP Corporate mails
  • Provision of Mail Filtering services for  incoming and outgoing  mails
  • Installation of Scanmail for Domino


Database Administration

  • Virtualization of Servers to reduce energy consumption of Servers in the Data Centre
    and reduce costs
  • Deployment of a centralized Storage Area Network (SAN) in the Data Centre
  • Provision of File Services and Folder redirection with necessary restrictions and privileges for access (to prevent loss of files in the event of  a Client PC crash)



  • Deployment of 70 client PCs to all staff and PCs to the Training room
  • Provision of PC protection from viruses
  • Installation of client PCs with Office productivity tools
  • Installation of Printers and Print services



Network Design

  • Design of the Bureau's  Network Architecture adopting the CISCO three-tier Network Design (Access, Distribution and Core Layers)
  • Planning and allocation of IP address scheme
  • Design of VLAN's aggregation based on BPP's Organization Units
  • Designed the Perimeter Network Security based on the Industry leading Checkpoint Distributed SMART Architecture


Network Administration

  • Configuration  and Assignment of Switch Ports to VLANs for Segmentation
  • Implementation of a fully redundant fault tolerant Network with CISCO
  • Proprietary Spanning Tree Protocol, HSSRP and Ether-Channel
  • Implementation of Terminal Access Control System for effective Authorization, Authentication and Accounting of traffic on the Bureau's Network
  • Implementation of ISP redundancy for 24x7 Internet availability


Network Security

  • Implementation of CISCO Layer 2 Port Security
  • Implementation of Cluster Checkpoint Security Firewall
  • Implementation of Checkpoint Intrusion Prevention System
  • Implementation of Checkpoint Content Filtering for Internet Content
  • Implementation of Checkpoint Anti Spam Filter
  • Implementation of Perimeter Antivirus check for SMTP, HTTP and FTP protocols


Web Design and Development

  • Design of the Login page to BPP's webmail
  • Design of Lotus Notes based Portal for the Bureau
  • Redesign of the BPP website for a more user-friendly feel, with provision of additional features like document archiving, Content Management, Statistical tool, and Search Engine Optimization
  • Design of Lotus Notes-based Electronic Document Management System for the Bureau
  • Customization of the Telephone Directory, ICT help desk, Facilty Help desk, Special Messages



  • Design of a Skills gap analysis questionnaire, and administration of the same through BPP focal persons
  • Design of targeted in-house training programmes
  • Development of relevant training materials (on-going)
  • Conduction of in-house training


Development of the Public Procurement Review software (PhaseII)

Having completed the design and deployment of an ICT infrastructure and Data Centre at BPP, the stage is now set for the development and deployment of its substantive Public Procurement Review software.

The solution we proffer is composed of three major components that cover ICT infrastructure, software systems and training as shown in the diagram below.



The Public Procurement review Software is the substantive system that would address the monitoring and oversight of public procurement in Nigeria. It would comprise the following features:


  • A dynamic web portal
  • An electronic case file system
  • A document management system
  • A workflow engine that will standardize the processes and the handling of tasks within BPP.
  • A commodity pricing register that allows for creating a nationwide commodity catalogue with standard pricing.
  • Services register that allows for the registration of service providers and standard prices for services.
  • An analytical module that allows comparing submitted documents for a procurement process against the established standard operation procedures.
  • A report writer module that allows for the creation of user-defined reports that can be made available on schedule and delivered via email to a subscribed user or through ad-hoc requests in the system.
  • An audit tracking module that would log every action done by each user in the system and the date and time of performing that action.
  • A data acquisition module that allows for importing Excel sheets, Power Point presentations, PDF files and Word documents and storing them in the system.  The full text feature will be available against all such imported documents.
  • A calendaring feature that will allow supervisors to assign ad-hoc tasks to their staff, as well as allowing a staff member to log in reminders.