Education for Justice: What young Nigerians think

Since the roll-out of the Education for Justice (E4J) Initiative in Nigeria back in June 2019, UNODC has been partnering with the OneAfricanChild Foundation, a youth-led organization leveraging the transformative power of education to support and encourage young people to be positive members of society through global citizenship education, equipping learners with essential skills to apply the rule of law in practice. Through a participatory approach, youth volunteers of OneAfricanChild are engaged in processes and activities that facilitate meaningful engagement of children often excluded in education, as positive agents of change who can make informed choices and model the way in and out of their learning environment.

In mid-September, OneAfricanChild youth volunteers participated in a training of trainers on the use of E4J primary level tools and materials acquiring new tools and skills to assume active roles as leaders who can reinforce positive attitudes and behaviors in learners. Here are a few reactions from participants in the training.


“The E4J training was a great insight into teaching children about lawfulness focusing primarily on values and life skills that children need to be aware of and practice amongst one another so as to be law-abiding and responsible citizens. Likewise it exposed me to some child friendly resources and tools such as the teachers lesson plans, the comic book creator, and the Zorbs videos that would make the teachings on life skills and values quite fascinating and more understandable for children in primary level of education.

Besides, the training also emphasized the importance of educating children on their rights using the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child United Nations Child's right law and the Nigerian Child's Rights Act. I also learned about how to instruct children on the safe use of internet.

The facilitator's teaching style was quite appealing to me as it focused more on knowledge sharing and joint learning building on previous acquired knowledge of every participant and ensuring teamwork and interaction.”


“The E4J training was an impactful one, as we learnt on the three levels of intervention of E4J, which are the primary, secondary and tertiary level. The importance of teaching children about the risks and dangers they might be exposed to when using the internet was a key topic of the training.”


“The E4J training was an interactive workshop, something I can call a self-taught workshop. This training showed us smart ways to get learners engaged and transform them into agents of peace in their various environments.

I love the materials we were exposed to. Within a short time we were able to explore their application in groups and criticize them with regards to their relevance to our local environment. The facilitator is a goal getters and very patient facilitator made the workshop less exhausting and insightful. Though I haven't met most people before, communication exchange was amazing.”

Victoria Ibiwoye – Executive Director of the OneAfricanChild Foundation

“E4J equips young people with the knowledge and understanding that respect for the rule of law is respect for one’s dignity and that of others. Our moral obligation to respect the law and apply its principles to our daily lives, contributes to building a just, resilient and peaceful society for all. When we empower young people to learn about the law and how it applies to their lives, we teach them to hold the powerful to account while preventing or mitigating human rights violations.”