EU UNODC provide case management system to enhance the fight against corruption in Nigeria

Readily available and accessible information is an invaluable resource in the fight against corruption. In January 2015, UNODC, with funding from the EU, has provided law enforcement case management systems to the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC). These systems are versions of the goCIS (government office Criminal Investigation System) developed by the Information Technology Service of UNODC, with modifications to suit the two agencies' workflows. With the case management systems installed, these anti-corruption agencies are enabled to efficiently assign, track and monitor investigation and prosecution of anti-corruption cases. The tactical and strategic analysis features of the goCIS allow the agencies to generate intelligence through the mapping of trends and patterns from their databases. goCIS also has data analysis and presentation functions suitable for evidenced based policymaking.

This activity has been supported by UNODC project 'Support to anti-corruption in Nigeria' with funding from the European Union.