Trends M.A.P. Support (Trends Monitoring and Analysis Programme Support)


Given the severity of the illicit drug problem faced by Afghanistan and its neighboring countries, UNODC and the international community have identified analysis and the monitoring of that issue in that region as a priority. In response, UNODC established a  dedicated research programme on the global trade in Afghan opiates in September 2008. This programme aims at strengthening the existing research capacity in UNODC to review data and information on the Afghan drug and chemical precursor trade and produce analytical reports for decision-makers. The first programme report ("Addiction, Crime and Insurgency: the transnational threat of Afghan opiates"), was released in November 2009 and was mainly focused on the Afghan opium/heroin industry and its relation with regional security issues.

UNODC Nigeria has recently started a background research to collect data on the level of heroin trafficking coming to Nigeria from Afghanistan via Eastern Africa, the level of heroin addiction and its impact on public health in Nigeria, drug trafficking and consumption.