Heads of Nigeria's Anti-Corruption Agencies meet in Abuja to review Nigeria's implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)

On 18 August, 2015, heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies met to discuss gaps identified in Nigeria's implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and to map out strategies for the adoption and implementation of a National Anticorruption Strategy. The meeting is being facilitated by the 'Support to Anti-Corruption in Nigeria' project funded by the European Union and implemented by UNODC.

Nigeria participated in the negotiation of the UNCAC in 2003 and ratified the Convention in 2004.The Convention aims to "promote and strengthen measures to prevent and combat corruption more efficiently and effectively; facilitate and support international cooperation and technical assistance in the prevention of and fight against corruption, including in asset recovery; integrity, accountability and proper management of public affairs and public property."

Part of Nigeria's commitment under the UNCAC is to subject itself to periodic peer review of its compliance under the Convention. Consequently, Nigeria was peer reviewed by Lesotho and Montenegro in 2013 for chapters III (Criminalization and law enforcement) and IV (International cooperation). The self-assessment checklist , the executive summary  and the country report  have all been published. Further information are also available under the UNCAC Implementation Review Group country profile of Nigeria .

This activity has been supported by UNODC project 'Support to anti-corruption in Nigeria' with funding from the European Union.