Justice Sector Reform

The justice system in Nigeria, despite laudable reform efforts at Federal and State levels, continues to faces multiple challenges. It would appear that the investments and efforts made by the Nigerian Government and its international partners are simply not substantial enough to meet the ever-increasing demands of a rapidly growing population and business community on the justice system. Coordination across the police, the Attorney General Offices at Federal and State levels, the multiple specialised law enforcement agencies, the Judiciary, Legal Aid, the Nigerian Prison Service as well as a large number of civil society organisations active in the justice sector remains complex. Moreover, all efforts extended by the Government, including with the assistance of UNODC, to strengthen integrity within the justice sector, while promising, have yet to achieve full sustainability.

Our work

Since 2001, UNODC has implemented a series of projects to support to the efforts of the Nigerian Government in improving justice delivery through research and strategic planning, policy and legislative reform, technical advisory services and mentoring as well as extensive capacity building. These efforts aimed to enhance the efficiency and fairness of justice deliver, improve integrity, accountability and transparency across the sector, strengthen coordination and cooperation among the various stakeholders, all with the aim of increasing access to justice, in particular for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups including women, children and persons with disability as well as prisoners.

Our partners

Key counterparts include the Attorney General's Office, including the Department for Public Prosecution, the Central Authority Unit as well as the Federal Justice Sector Reform Coordinating Committee, the National Judicial Institute , the Nigerian Prison Service, the Nigerian Police Force, the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria , National Association of Prosecutors , the Nigerian Bar Association as well as a host of civil society organisations actively engaged on rule of law and justice related topics.

Our projects

The " Support to the Justice Sector in Nigeria" project funded by the European Union under the 10 th European Development Fund (2012 - 2017) supported the efforts of the Government of Nigeria in improving justice delivery through effective coordination and cooperation among justice sector institutions, with enhanced legal and policy frameworks, strengthened operational structures and capabilities of officials in the sector. Support was also provided to increase access to justice, respect for human rights and the rule of law, especially for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups including women, children and persons with disability.

The "Support to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Nigerian Judiciary" project funded by the European Union under the 9 th European Development Fund (2005 - 2010) supported the Nigerian Judiciary and other justice sector stakeholders in the strengthening of integrity and capacity of the justice system at the Federal level and within 10 Nigerian States. Working in cooperation with the National Judicial Institute, the project helped the participating state judiciaries in developing and implementing policies and measures aimed at improving governance, accountability and transparency of justice sector institutions.