UNODC in partnership with the Bayelsa State Judiciary and other justice sector institutions held the third and final justice sector town-hall meeting under the project "Partnership in the Bayelsa Expenditure and Income Transparency Initiative (BEITI) and Judicial Integrity Action Programme (JIA) funded by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The town-hall meeting was attended by about 300 participants and provided an opportunity for justice sector institutions to interface with users of the institutions with the view to building trust and confidence between the justice sector institutions and the public as well as improve and strengthen coordination among the justice sector institutions. Participants used the occasion to express their views on the current state of affairs, including lengthy trial times, lack of legal aid, non-appearance in court of state prosecutors in cases assigned to them, abuse of power by the police, breach of fundamental human rights, jurisdiction of the customary court in land related cases, high rate of sea piracy, and the persisting vulnerability of the system to corruption and other forms of abuse. The meeting concluded with the development of a communiqué that captured all the issues and resolutions raised at the meeting.