UNODC Launches Documentaries on Opioid Situation in Nigeria

From the serene streets of Abuja, through the traffic gridlock of Lagos megacity, to downtown neighborhoods of Kaduna, UNODC's "film crew" traversed Nigeria during the past months meeting law enforcement officers, drug treatment and prevention experts and civil society partners who shared their thoughts on the efforts mounted to tackle the opioid crisis in Nigeria.  

With funding from the European Union, UNODC since 2012 has supported community based drug treatment; training on investigation and intelligence gathering for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), and capacity building for health practitioners, while at the same time supporting Government in improving access to opioids for medical and scientific use.

The videos below provide an overview of the testimonies collected by UNODC as part of our efforts to raise awareness about the global opioids crisis and what is being done by countries to address the issue.



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