The outbreak of COVID-19 has had unprecedented health, social and economic impacts on all countries. Pakistan is no exception and has witnessed a significant increase in its confirmed COVID-19 cases since 26th February 2020, when the pandemic emerged in the country. As of 29th May 2020, there are approximately 64,000 confirmed cases.   In addition to threatening human lives,  COVID-19 is also posing  major challenges to the Rule of Law and Governance,  and Law Enforcement and  Criminal Justice Agencies, Prisons and Drug Rehabilitation Centres face distinctive challenges not experienced before.

The COVID-19 pandemic is also having a serious impact on livelihoods and the economy in Pakistan, and is reversing some of the gains Pakistan has made towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This situation also increases vulnerability to criminal opportunism and exploitative behaviour, as people struggle to survive and criminals take advantage of weaknesses in supply chains and demands for goods that are scarce.  

To address these COVID-19 related concerns, UNODC Pakistan has developed a comprehensive policy document on COVID-19 responses related to its ongoing work on Strengthening Pakistan's Law Enforcement,  Criminal Justice and Health efforts. This document has been developed based on principles of partnership, inclusiveness, gender mainstreaming and promotion of  human  rights.


 Technical Assistance




 Humanitarian Response




Strengthening Pakistan's

Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice

and Health Response to COVID-19


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