Criminal Justice System and Legal Reforms

UNODC focuses on strengthening the rule of law institutions to improve access to justice for all, ensuring that the rights of the citizens, including women and less privileged groups are protected under the constitutional safeguards and international standards. This includes result-based legislative, policy, governance and regulatory rule of law reforms, aligned to the international norms and standards.
The Sub-Programme also supports efforts to counter corruption through initiatives that are transparent, accountable and informed by international standards, cooperation, and inter-agency coordination.
We strives to deliver our commitment working as a strategic partner to the Government of Pakistan and the provincial Governments in building secure, safe, and prosperous society for all through continuous reforms and capacity building of the rule of law institutions for the realization of an evidence-based governance system which allows institutional leadership to take informed policy decisions, which are fair, just, and inclusive.


Major Threats


Our Solutions

  • Modernize and digitize the country's criminal justice system, such as prison management and prosecution processes.
  • Support long-term institutional capacity development of criminal justice system actors.
  • Align legislative, regulatory, and anti-corruption frameworks with international conventions/standards.
  • Empower vulnerable individuals/groups with limited access to justice.


Major Outcomes

  • Enhanced accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies;
  • Improved prosecution and adjudication bodies and processes;
  • Progressive transformation of prisons, parole, and probation structures and mechanisms into correction and reformatory services;
  • Effective anti-corruption and anti-money laundering strategies, practices, and frameworks against corrupt practices and financial malfeasance custody of prisoners. 


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