Criminal Justice System and Legal Reforms


Effective criminal justice system is a prerequisite for uploading the rule of law that underpins political rights, civil liberties an mechanisms of accountability which in turn guarantees the right to equality of all individuals before the law.

Sub-Programme II (SPII) aims at strengthening the criminal justice system of Pakistan ranging from assisting police reform and investigative process improvement, strengthening prosecution and judiciary services to addressing to challenges to prison management reform and alternatives to imprisonment while honoring the cross-cutting areas in human rights protection of vulnerable groups. 

In addition, SPII supports the Government of Pakistan in reinforcing accountability and transparency in the justice system through preventing an countering corruption.

Building upon the pastiche results from the previous Country Programme, the areas of priority of SPII are: 

       i) the alignment of legislative and regulatory frameworks with international standards and norms across the law enforcement agencies in the criminal justice chain;

       ii) targeted capacity building of individuals, institutions and training academies;

       iii) enhancement of coordination and cooperation among criminal justice actors, and;

       iv) the awareness-raising among public regarding their rights in the criminal justice system


Programme Deliverables


SPII strives to deliver its commitment and support to the Government of Pakistan in building secure, safe, and prosperous society in which the rights of all individuals are protected and guaranteed through fair, efficient and responsive criminal justice system.

As the same time, SPII endeavors to assist the Government in embedding the culture of transparency and accountability across the institutions and agencies with no tolerance towards corruption.

The comprehensive approach of SPII is well aligned with Pakistan's vision 2025, ultimately contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 16 on peace, justice, and institutions.


The scope and focus of the work is outlined as per the following outcomes and outputs: