Pakistan's Action to Counter Terrorism


Pakistan's Action to Counter Terrorism (PACT) with a specific reference to Sindh is jointly developed by the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to empower the criminal justice institutions to proactively prevent and counter terrorism.
PACT Sindh is designed to strengthen the capacities and coordination mechanisms of federal, and provincial, counter-terrorism and criminal justice institutions. PACT Sindh will focus on improving the quality of the investigation, prosecution and adjudication process of Sindh's criminal justice system. It will strengthen the capacity of police, prosecution and judiciary in cooperation with other departments to:

• Respond to terrorist threats;
• Conduct terrorist investigations and to;
• Bring perpetrators to justice in accordance with the rule of law.



  • Objective I: Enhancing investigation processes and the use of forensic evidence by the Sindh Police Counter Terrorism Department for the preparation of terrorism cases.
  • Objective II: Strengthening the capacity of the Sindh Law, Parliamentary Affairs & Criminal Prosecution Department and Judiciary to effectively prosecute and adjudicate terrorism cases.
  • Objective III: Improving provincial and inter-provincial coordination on CT, to strengthen capacity on CT related strategic analysis, and to promote greater judicial integrity and human rights compliant judicial processes in terrorism cases.


Project Structure

The project consists of the following 3 key Outcomes:

Project Steering Committee

A Project Steering Committee serves as a platform to provide stakeholders with a regular update on the project’s implementation as well as the opportunity to give their input and feedback to UNODC and NACTA, in order to meet their expectation and any emerging requirements.
The Project Steering Committee is chaired by NACTA with representatives from:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Economic Affairs Division, Ministry of Narcotics Control, Sindh Home Department, Sindh Police, Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Criminal Prosecution Department, Sindh Judicial Academy, UNODC and EU.







* This project is made possible with the financial contribution of the EU.