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27 January 2015, ANF and UNODC in a collaborated effort has arranged Regional counter Narcotics Seminar at Hotel Serena. Mr Baleegh Ur Rehman, Federal Minister for State, Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Seminar was addressed by Mrs Saira Afzal Tarar, Minister of State for Health, Mr Ghalib Ali Bandesha, Secretary Narcotics Control Division, Cesar Guedes, Country Representative, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Major General Khawar Hanif, Director General Anti Narcotics Force, IG (R) Saud Mirza, Brigadier (R) Mowadat Rana and Mr Syed Talat Hussain, Senior Journalist. Significant attendants included delegates from different Countries, Diplomatic Community, International Organizations, LEAs officials, public representatives, associations / NGOs and media persons.

The event is marked as the first ever inaugural session of the drug affected countries along the trafficking route in the region. It aims to highlight the ills of drug trafficking and it's fallouts on society, significant of which is transformation of transit states into victim countries.    During the conduct of seminar due emphasis was paid to narcotics menace in the region, drug challenges and counter measures, capacity building of Anti Drug Setups by UNODC, measures to improve Drug Enforcement, role of media in Awareness Campaigns, ill-effects of addiction & treatment and negative / psychiatric problems of addicts.

While addressing to the occasion, Mr. Baleeq `ur Rahman  highlighted the counter Narcotics efforts and achievements made by Pakistan. He also emphasized the commitment of Pakistan to stand along the International community in fight against drugs.

Mr. Cesar Guedes reaffirmed UNODC's support in capacity building of drug related LEAs and provided key role for improving international cooperation across the globe. He also emphasized the drug problem as a shared responsibility, for which UNODC being lead international organization would continue to play a pivotal role.

Major General Khawar Hanif, Director General Anti Narcotics Force apprised commitment and resolve of Pakistan in the field of counter narcotics, including drug supply and drug demand activities. He also appreciated international partners that is, UNODC, UK, Australia and USA, whose support made this international event possible to organize.

The seminar is expected to pave the way of better understanding and linking various regional cooperation networks, which in turn would prove vital in improving international cooperation across the globe. 


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