Role of Private Sector in Tackling Corruption Discussed at Egyptian Businesses for Peace Iftar

15th June 2017 - Egypt

Corruption erodes every pillar of business success, therefore, the private sector has a vital role in fighting corruption. With this in mind, UNODC along with the United Nations Global Compact Network in Egypt (UNGCNE), the International Organization for Migration in Egypt (IOM), and the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) organized on 15 June 2017 an iftar under the theme, "Egyptian Businesses for Peace".

The event brought together many partners, donors and supporters to raise awareness of the social issues the private sector can commit to such as fighting corruption, migrants, gender equality, and employment, promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and business for peace at large, as well as developing links between the private sector and UN agencies.

Highlighting the role of non-state actors in his opening remarks, Julien Garsany, UNODC Deputy Regional Representative, stated: "States alone cannot combat corruption. Non-State Actors clearly have a critical role to play as partners for change. And to further support the engagement of the private sector and CSOs in fighting our good fight."

The event was also opened by Muhammed AlFouly, UNGCNE Executive Director, Randa Aboul Hosn, UNDP Country director, Bruno Maes, UNICEF Representative and Bahaa ElKoussy, UNIC Director.

In its presentation, UNODC showed how it can effectively cooperate with the private sector and how the private sector can in turn utilize UNODC diverse tools and resources in the field of combating corruption. UNODC, as the custodian of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), has been providing technical and legal assistance to both the national authorities and the civil society to combat corruption at all levels, through several national, regional and global events and initiatives. A large number of tools, resources and publications that are useful for both governments and the private sector in their anti-corruption efforts, have been developed by UNODC to help in creating healthy business environments.

On this occasion, UNODC also presented its new national media campaign on anti-corruption. The new media campaign aims at raising public awareness about the costs of corruption, while encouraging citizen participation in the fight against it.

For more information please contact: Ms. Mona Salem, National Project Officer on: Mona.Salem[AT]