Egypt: For International Youth Day UNODC Speaks with Youth on Online Threats & Safety

12 August 2020 - Cairo, Egypt 

This International Youth Day coincides with the COVID19 pandemic that has led many to resort to online forms of communication to connect with their friends and loved ones, conduct online meetings and work engagements, and to receive daily news and information. 

Considering that youth are the main demographic users of social media in Egypt, UNODC went live on Facebook and in a virtual event led by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports and UN agencies speaking on what are the forms of online threats youth are exposed to and how they could easily protect themselves. The event used this year’s global theme for International Youth Day 2020 “Youth Engagement for Global Action” and allowed youth to engage in what would be the possible methods to make the internet a safe place for everyone. 

UNODC’s session covered forms of online threats such as getting caught in the spread of misinformation, acts of piracy, hacking, and the simple actions one can undertake to protect their personal information and data online. 

With more than 13,000 online viewers, youth posed several questions on the live chat that relate to their everyday usage of the internet such as how to ensure their safety on social media through adjusting privacy settings and how to report online bullying and identity thefts. 

To watch the online event recording click here. 

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