Algeria: Engaging journalists in preventing trafficking in persons

Simulation of interviewing a victim practiced by the journalists during the training. <em>© UNODC</em>
Simulation of interviewing a victim practiced by the journalists during the training. © UNODC

Algiers, Algeria – 23 March 2022

Human trafficking is a crime that exploits humans in the most heinous manner. Bringing an end to it will be possible only with a concerted and coordinated effort between Government, international organizations, the private sector, civil society and the media, amongst other key actors.

As part cooperation against trafficking in persons (TiP), the National Committee against TiP of Algeria, the Ministry of Communication and UNODC organized in Algiers a specialized workshop for 30 journalists from the public and private media. The workshop was held from 6 to 8 December 2021 with the aim of increasing the media’s awareness of their key role in preventing TiP as well as improving their skills in reporting on TiP from a victim-centered approach.

The UNODC Human Trafficking Toolkit for Journalists provided the basis for the sessions in the workshop and emphasised the importance of the role of the media in:

- Awareness: Although human trafficking happens everywhere in the world, many people don´t know about it. The media can help raise global awareness about human trafficking.

- Prevention: Information can empower people at-risk, and warn them about dangers and threats. The media can help to empower vulnerable populations.

- Knowledge: Human trafficking is an undercover story. There is a need to know more about it. Journalism can shed light on the factors, parties, and networks involved. The media can help to increase the knowledge about human trafficking to find better solutions.

The workshop included several interactive and participatory sessions on TiP’s international and national legal frameworks, necessary coordination with the criminal justice system to collect and check facts and relevant information, reporting skills, and case-based simulation to foster ownership of the knowledge gained by the journalists during the workshop. UNODC Human Trafficking Toolkit for Journalists was also presented and disseminated to all participants.

Participants and national experts also discussed communication tools such the TV and social media spots developed for the World Day against TiP to highlight the importance of effective communication strategies to prevent and tackle TiP in Algeria, as part of a comprehensive preventive approach.

This was the penultimate event in a busy year in Algeria on TIP and SOM technical assistance delivery, the National Committee against TiP of Algeria and UNODC organized a total of 9 nationwide workshops reaching 391 participants as well as implemented a national campaign marking the World Day against TIP in July 2021.

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