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Thematic Programme and Projects on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

The thematic programme provides for the strategic framework for UNODC's work, especially that of the Justice Section, on crime prevention and criminal justice reform. It presents UNODC's mandate to assist countries in developing new instruments, strategies, policies and programmes for crime prevention and criminal justice reform and presents the tools and services that UNODC can provide to States and non-State actors.

The Thematic Programme is implemented through a portfolio of UNODC projects around the world, most of which are part of UNODC regional and country programmes. It is also implemented through UNODC's global project on crime prevention and criminal justice.

The global project aims at strengthening States' capacity to improve crime prevention and criminal justice systems in line with UN standards and norms and other relevant international instruments through (1) assessments, advice and programme support to State policies and strategies; (2) tools development and training, also to support State policies and strategies; (3) standards and norms development or update. The project is implemented with a strong focus on partnerships with other UN agencies and international NGOs.