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Request for expressions of interest:   Hiring service, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), room, banquet (refreshments) and audiovisual equipment in Lima, Peru, for the Regional Meeting of the CCP to be held on days 19, 20, 21, 22 and November 23, 2018.


EOIUNODC15173 June 24, 2018

Invitation to Tender:  Expression of interest for the contracting of Design, Development of architectural plans and Construction Work of the Regional Courts of Llano Tugri and Kusapin (Republic of Panama)

Rep. of Panama

EOIUNODC14837 March 20, 2018

Invitation to Tender:  Recruitment of cleaning services of UNODC-ROPAN offices, located in Corregimiento Ancón, Edgar Jadwin Street, Panama City.

Rep. of Panama

EOIUNODC14800 March 15, 2018

Invitation to Tender: Expression of interest for the hiring of the Design, development of architectural drawings and blueprints and construction works.

Rep. of Panama

EOIUNODC13644 April 23, 2017

Invitation to Tender: "Evaluation of the effectiveness of the accusatory penal system, from the point of view of its operators, users and public perception, with special interest in the proceedings of the Public Prosecutor"

Rep. of Panama

EOIUNODC12938 October 14, 2016

Consultant on: Diagnose the situation of drugs in the British Virgin Islands

P11 Form

Amendment 1

Rep. of Panama

7115 UNODC 2016 September 12, 2016

Invitation to Tender: Engagement of a University or Institution of Higher Education for the Provision of Workshops, Training and Production of Manuals for the Public Prosecutor's Office in Panama

Rep. of Panama   


September 15,2016

Consultant on: Expert on Accusatory Penal System

Rep. of Panama 5512 UNODC 2016 CLOSED

Consultant on:  Prevention of Corruption

( Amendment 1)

Rep. of Panama 4662 UNODC 2015 CLOSED

Invitation to Tender:  Acquisition of Structured Cabling for UNODC, City of David, Panama

Rep. of Panama EOIUNODC11990 CLOSED

Invitation to Tender: Acquisition of five (5) vehicles for the Judiciary Branch of Panama for the implementation of the adversarial system in Panama

( Terms of reference)

( Amendment 1)

( Amendment 2)

( Amendment 3)

Rep. of Panama   4000 UNODC 2015 CLOSED


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Rep. of Panama

  3888 UNODC 2015 CLOSED

  Consultant on  Prevention of Corruption

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( P11 Form )

Rep. of Panama



Invitation to Tender: Acquisition of furniture for the accusatory penal system in Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui ( Spanish )


( See Amendment 1)

( See Amendment 2)

( Clarification 1)

Rep. of Panama 2778 UNODC ROPAN 


Invitation to Tender:  Renovation of the offices of the Centre of Excellence for Trend Analysis of Drugs and Crime  ( Spanish)

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( See Amendment 1)

( See Amendment 2)

( See Clarification 1)

( See Clarification 2)

Rep. of Panama

2739 UNODC 2015