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A sports day is held as part of the programme "Line Up, Live Up"

Santo Domingo, December 17, 2019. As part of the strategy to effectively prevent crime and promote resilience among at-risk youth, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean and the National Drug Council held a sports festival in which more than 120 children and youth from the Fredes Women's Volleyball team and the Mauricio Baez Club participated.

During the event there were various activities such as volleyball competitions, sack and hoop races.
The occasion was used to present the certificates of completion of the program "Line Up, Live Up" to 14 young Dominicans.
The program "Line Up, Live Up" is a global initiative of UNODC based on the power of sport as a tool for peace. 

The fundamental objective is to strengthen the life skills of youth by enriching knowledge about the consequences of crime and drug abuse.