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Blue Heart Campaign is presented to El Salvador Media

San Salvador, August 30, 2017. In the context of the preparation of the Blue Heart Campaign on trafficking in persons implementation in El Salvador, the United Nations Regional Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean (UNODC ROPAN), delivered a presentation of the Campaign addressed for television's hosts.

The objectives of this activity was to explain and raise awareness among television host of programs with highest ratings in El Salvador on the threats posed by trafficking in persons in El Salvador, the goals and scope of the Blue Heart Campaign and the ways in which television's hosts can support the effective implementation of this campaign in El Salvador.
H.E. Maryse Guilbeault, Canada Ambassador in El Salvador, delivered remarks on Canada's Government commitment to prevent trafficking in persons in El Salvador and the Central American Region.
During this activity, Ms. Lourdes Gutierrez, Regional Project Coordinator on Trafficking in Persons for Central America and the Caribbean of UNODC, delivered a presentation about the trafficking in persons' characteristics, why this offense is a threat that must be effectively faced through a comprehensive approach and what is the role of media in this endeavor.
Furthermore, Ms. Erika Aguirre, Legal Expert of UNODC project on smuggling of migrants and trafficking in persons in El Salvador, explained how the Blue Heart Campaign will be implemented in El Salvador, as well as the importance and ways that television personalities can be active participants in this campaign.
At the end of this activity, all the participants decided to join the Blue Heart Campaign, by taking action in the near future on trafficking in persons' prevention actions that will be implemented in the framework of this Campaign.