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Canada and UNODC Review Efforts on Countering Cybercrimen in Central America

On November 30, the Government of Canada's Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP), El Salvador National Civil Police (PNC), and UNODC, held a meeting at the PNC Sub-Directorate of Investigation. The objectives of this meetings was to know first-hand the PNC experience on establishing a Cybercrime Unit and to learn about UNODC efforts to combat cybercrime in Central America through the Global Programme on Cybercrime.
The Canadian delegation was comprised by Ms. Julia Wayand, ACCBP Director and Ms. Julia Bedard, ACCBP Senior Coordinator. In this meeting, presentations were provided by Deputy Inspector Juan Laínez, Head of PNC Cybercrime Unit and Ms. Nayelly Loya, UNODC Deputy Country Manager Programme Office in El Salvador. Deputy Inspector Laínez, delivered a presentation on the evolution of the Cybercrime Unit, notable achievements, challenges faced when investigating cybercrime in El Salvador and the importance of international cooperation to ensure an effective action of the Cybercrime Unit.
Ms. Nayelly Loya, explained UNODC efforts on the Central American region to combat cybercrime, by presenting the main components and achievements of the Projects  "Strengthening the Capacity to Prevent and Combat Cybercrime and Internet Crimes against Children (ICAC) in Central America", which is generously financed by the Government of Canada and implemented in Guatemala, and the project "Strengthening of the Capacities of El Salvador National Police to Effectively Identify and Investigate Cybercrime Cases", financed thanks to the support of the Government of the United States and implemented in El Salvador. Both projects are executed in the framework of UNODC Global Programme on Cybercrime.
Finally, the Canadian delegation visited the Cybercrime Unit's facilities in order to properly assess the Unit's situation on equipment and meet its members. All the parties reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen Central American capacities to counter cybercrime.