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“Caring for Your Child During a Pandemic”

Social alienation and isolation due to the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are changing the family lives of millions of people around the world.
For mothers and fathers whose children are not in school, the stress of parenting can increase as they juggle work and caring for their children, in addition to possible concerns about loss of income.
For millions of already vulnerable families around the world, such as those of refugees or those living in low-income settings, these challenges are even greater.
The information contained in the "Caring for Your Child During the Pandemic" guide is intended to assist you by providing some ideas on how you can help yourself and your children overcome the challenges they may be facing and how to stay connected as a family.
You will probably find that you already use some of the ideas and approaches in this booklet.
Caregivers help protect children in difficult times, especially when they are warm, supportive and comforting and when they help understand times of uncertainty.
Family harmony helps reduce anxiety for your children and keep them safe.
Encouraging good behavior helps your children cope as best they can. It also makes it easier for parents to keep their children safe.