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CND and UNODC implement Socialization Workshop of the International Standards on Drug Prevention in the Dominican Republic

On March 2017, a workshop on "Socialization of International Drug Prevention Standards from UNODC: Prevention Strategies and Policymakers" was held; within the project "Building Strong Families in the Dominican Republic" funded by the INL Section of the US Embassy in its INL. Such a project of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), in cooperation with the National Drug Council (CND), will last two and a half years, and seeks family strengthening through evidence-based programs.
The "Prevention Strategy and Policymakers" is a initiative of the UNODC, aims to disseminate the International Drug Abuse Prevention Standards from UNODC and summarizes the currently available scientific evidence, describing interventions and prevention policies that have shown positive results. At the same time they identify the most important components and characteristics for an effective national drug prevention system.
This strategy also seeks to support policy-makers in the planning of a national system for drug prevention focused on health and based on scientific evidence. Aimed primarily at children, youth, families, schools and communities it can ensure that children and young people grow and remain healthy and safe until their adulthood.
Facilitators Melva Ramírez and Begoña Gómez del Campo from UNODC, as well as Germania Melo and Lohadis Ureña from the CND presented the prevention programs that have been effective to the different participating institutions: National Drug Council, Ministry of Education, Attorney General's Office, Center for Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents in Psychoactive Substance Use, Ministry of Interior and Police, Universities, Vice-Presidency, Office of the First Lady, Mayors of Santo Domingo, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Women, Casa Abierta and Human Rights Comission, among others.
At the opening ceremony, an artistic activity of women in conflict with the law, gave a hopeful message of change in our communities. Meanwhile representatives of the CND and UNODC encouraged the participants with their words, and emphasized the importance of this type of prevention strategies and programs based on scientific evidence in the Dominican Republic, indicating that for every dollar invested in prevention, at least ten dollars can be saved in health, social and crime expenses in the future.