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Conduct Training Session and Exchange Experiences in Disciplinary Law

Within the technical cooperation framework agreement signed between the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador and the Personería of Bogotá, DC, with the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), a Academic day with the purpose of continuing with the process of formation in the field of disciplinary law from the study of the normative models of each country and the discussion on good practices and successful experiences.

This day includes a component of training that addresses the characteristics of the disciplinary process, with special attention to the definition of subjects and disciplinary offenses, procedure, competence and special regimes. And a practical stage that consists of the observation, in real time, of two disciplinary public hearings that the Personería of Bogotá, D.C., advances in the exercise of its sanctioning faculty.  
This process was characterized by the constant reference to compliance with the General Disciplinary Code, recently reformed within the Colombian legal system.
A training session is scheduled in the coming months to conclude the process of training all public servants belonging to the control areas of the Supreme Court of Justice.
This effort will make it possible to learn about new administrative procedures in the area of ​​disciplinary law, which will be adapted to Salvadoran regulations and will speed up the processes that favor investigations and the fight against corruption.